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Welcome to Collegiate Baseball Exposure. If you’re serious about this game then you have come to the right place. First and foremost, understand that we are fully committed to 100% placement of our clients. Our job is only complete after the target result is achieved, which is client placement on a collegiate baseball roster. We do not consider Collegiate Baseball Exposure a recruiting service. We don’t even like the term. CBE is a collegiate baseball placement agency that exudes professionalism in every facet.

Throughout the course of many years, we have spoken to numerous parents of student-athletes who have used recruiting services in the past and regrettably so. They paid their fee, supplied the pertinent information and that was basically it. These “services” sent out the information to potential institutions in the hope of catching a coach’s eye and then considered their service finished. This is where Collegiate Baseball Exposure would  just be getting started.

Experience is key and the founder of CBE possesses numerous years of it. He has both coached and recruited at the collegiate level for more than two decades. From junior college to NCAA Division One to professional baseball in Europe, he was fortunate enough to have been a head coach at each of these levels. Collegiate Baseball Exposure understands exactly what college coaches are looking for in the recruitment process and more so, will have no difficulty in communicating with them. There is absolutely no limit to the number of contacts that we will make to achieve placement for our clients.

Personalization is the factor that distances Collegiate Baseball Exposure from any other entity. We believe that it is of the utmost importance to personally meet with each potential client. Upon representation agreement, we will stay in constant contact with our clients and their families as we pursue the desired result. Constant contact means that CBE will attend numerous games to digitally record video for potential coaches to review and continually update statistics and conversations with potential college coaches, etc.

With personalization and experience at the cornerstone, CBE truly believes that the formula for success has been established. We understand that our representation is an extremely important investment and with that said, please know that we will waste no effort to achieve success. As a client of Collegiate Baseball Exposure, you will experience the highest degree of professionalism. When our clients win, we all win. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to representing you in the future.



First and foremost, while most organizations require their potential customers to call them for pricing, Collegiate Baseball Exposure is more than comfortable to list it's pricing right from the start. We believe that we offer an outstanding product, especially when compared to others. The Major package includes a professionally developed and edited recruiting video which will be displayed on the Collegiate Baseball Exposure website for all prospective college coaches to view at any time. The package also includes extensive email contact as every director of athletics and every coach throughout the entire country will be notified each and every week (that's correct, every client video and updated information will be sent out every week), inclusion in a tryout day for all CBE clients where every collegiate institution is notified well in advance and unlimited communication with college baseball coaches. Please do not hesitate to give us a call for specific details.


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I have coached collegiate baseball for over two decades. The process of recruiting young men to both attend school and play college baseball is something that I fully understand at every facet. During my career, I was a head coach at two different junior colleges.... Continue Reading